A berry farm, a party venue, a meeting place, a summer resort

be welcome to the Island of Vaajasalo - the cradle of Finnish berry wine. On the Alahovi Berry Farm you can get acquainted with berry-wine processing, taste the products of the Farm and even buy a wine bottle as a souvenir. The Farm also has a Wine Tavern providing restaurant services, which can also be used as a party venue and a training and meeting place.
Vaajasalo is an island of 9,5 square kilometres and 202 inhabitants by Lake Kallavesi, east of the City of Kuopio.
The island is separated from the centre of Kuopio by the open lake of Kallavesi, where white-sided boats glide in the summer, e.g. on boat trips to the Berry Farm.

The base of Kallavesi sailers, Pirttiniemi of the Sailin Club, is situated opposite to Alahovi on the shore of the City. The fairway is crossed by the routes to Iisalmi and Nilsiä.

On the shore of Alahovi, there is a quay where boats stop regularly in the summer. The quay also has room for small boats.

The island can also be reached by car from the east from the Vehmersalmi road (Vt17). It is then possible to enjoy a short ferry-boat trip (See schedule) across the strait of Kortesalmi, which is exiting for children. In the winter, the island is linked to the City centre by an ice road. Contact alahovi@alahovi.com for more information.